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The Cat-Head Comics Reboot is Live

October 18, 2019

Wow, I have the Complete Dog Boy and the Complete BugHouse back in print! Hooray! And you can get these oversize art comics via my Cat-Head Comics Reboot project. Together these legacy volumes deliver almost 900 pages of highly unusual comix.

I’d encourage you to visit my Cat-Head Comics Reboot / Kickstarter project at this link to order the BugHouse and Dog Boy volumes, along with a sweet array of my other graphic novels and original artworks.

I started Cat-Head Comics in 1983 to publish Dog Boy #1. I’ve gone on to create a pile of comix and graphic novels, including the indigo-noir BugHouse graphic novel trilogy and the raucous Buzzard anthology with co-conspirator Stephen Beaupre. I’ve published my own comix and also have worked with Top Shelf, Fantagraphics, Alternative, Last Gasp and others.

As we stumble and lunge into the digital era, I’m super-pumped to seize the reins of my artistic destiny and reboot my Cat-Head imprint!

Thanks for your support! And if it’s not the right moment for you to pull out the credit card, please consider sharing the link.


Steve Lafler

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