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Pop-Up Sale: Death Plays a Mean Harmonica graphic novel

February 13, 2020

I just stumbled upon my stash of Death Plays a Mean Harmonica, a limited edition run of my “Oaxaca” graphic novel from the fall of 2017. I pressed only 100 copies with a signed and numbered screen print cover. I have seven left, and I am putting two up for sale at $26 PPD each (a nice discount from the list price of $38).

Death Plays a Mean Harmonica, front & back covers

Please email me your order to buy a copy of Death Plays a Mean Harmonica. I accept Paypal, Google Pay via – and also checks and that weird anachronistic stuff known as “cash”.

I’m also putting my Complete Dog Boy ($25.95) and Complete BugHouse ($22.95) collections on sale. These fabulous tomes weigh in at 500 pages for the Dog, and 400 pages for the Bugs! Just hit the links and buy these two titles direct from my LULU catalog page.

You Need these Graphic Novels

These three items represent a good three-quarters of my comix career. They take you from the young dog carving out meaning as he crosses the threshold to Dog-hood in the time of Reagan, through a fantastical immersion into an indigo Be-Bop jazz world in an all-insect Manhattan of the 1950s, to a decade set in the magical highlands of Oaxaca, Mexico while Death scratches out a tune or two in the corner of the room, while polite indigenous vampires stick to chicken blood and the taxis are “manned” by human fungus!

Thank you for your support.

Steve Lafler
Santa Rosa CA

These sales are finite… act now to get these wonderful graphic novels at sale prices. Cheers!

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One Comment
  1. Andy Arons permalink

    Hi Steve
    Old UMass fan/ buddy here. Link is to my business card circa 1980 that someone just sent me! Hope you are well. Benb still loves pie!

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