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“Cat Suit: Comix Stories by Steve Lafler” new hardcover available now at Kickstarter

September 2, 2022

My new hardcover title, Cat Suit: Comix Stories by Steve Lafler, is available now!

I’m offering signed copies of the Cat Suit hardcover to readers at Kickstarter, with an opportunity to also get a piece of original art in brush & ink by myself.

I invite you to join me in bringing the Cat Suit hardcover edition to life. Order your signed Cat Suit hardcover via Kickstarter. A big thank you directly from my cartoon cave to you, for your interest and support!

What is it that makes superheroes wear these skintight crazy clothes? Let’s take a look at our hero in Cat Suit. We’ll call him “Steve.” Every time he sparks up a doobie, he finds himself donning his cat suit, and heads into the city. 

To fight crime??? Hell no, he just wants to go clubbing! And he is perplexed when the bar flies want to fight him!

The new volume collects a pair of graphic novellas that track edgy romance, Cat Suit and El Vocho—we get hot cars, cute dresses, and hilarious hijinks. The artist throws in his signature destruction of time and space for good measure—a peak under the hood of reality as we know it. 

Best of all, there’s a bonus story featuring that guy with multiple names: Beezlebub, Old Scratch, Satan, Lucifer, Mephistopheles, el Diablo… they’re all the same guy and he likes to mess with you, right? Or maybe he’s just misunderstood? Could it be he knows something they’re trying to hide from you, some important bit of knowledge and know-how?

El Vocho

The action starts with a fender bender between Rosa’s classic ’63 Impala low rider, and Eddie’s beat up vintage VW Bug. BAM—it’s the spark for an unlikely urban romance.

Can laconic Eddie, the bohemian artist, endure the good-natured jabs from Rosa, the brilliant Latina hottie mechanic/inventor? 

Can they even survive when big oil sends out mobsters in pursuit of Rosa and her clean energy designs?

Cat Suit will also be available at the Permanent Damage Art Comix Show. Silver Sprocket, San Francisco’s superb comix art / graphic novel retailer, host the event at it’s store at 1018 Valencia St. on Saturday, September 24.

The Cat Suit hardcover is shipping to comic shops in November via Lunar Distribution, and will be available to the book trade from Ingram.

Thanks for your interest and support!

P.S. While you’re here, please check out my graphic novel catalog !

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