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Ripe Pineapple Drunk Mini-Comic is Here

November 16, 2023

I’m happy to announce my new mini-comic, Ripe Pineapple Drunk. It’s available via PayPal for $15, which includes postage and a little original sketch by me on the inside back cover. 5.5″ x 8.5″ comic book, 24 pages + cover. Here’s the link:

Ripe Pineapple Drunk mini-comic with sketch @ $15

In 2009, I was out for a run on a mountain ridge above the mile-high city of Oaxaca. Glancing up over my left shoulder, I saw a cornfield spilling down the terraced slope above. A punk rock backbeat announced itself in my head–I started in on drumming with a stick I held in my right hand. By the time I arrived at home a few miles later, I had a song:

We Gonna Level the Hill / Plant the Corn
Gotta get in an out by dawn
We don’t really wanna be around
When the owner of the hill come back from town
But me ‘n the boys made a little mistake
A couple ripe pineapples we did drink
And now were Ripe Pineapple Drunk
I’m an old hippy but I wanna be a Punk
Ripe Pineapple Drunk

This first verse refers to the “piña”, the enormous wooden heart of the maguey plant after the pointy leaves are shorn off. The maguey is then roasted, fermented, and distilled–the result is mezcal, the beating heart of Oaxacan culture.

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