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I am a cartoonist and illustrator, working with clients including Sony Music, Bill Graham Presents, Apple Computer and Sarah’s Science. I’ve been fortunate to draw stuff that dovetails with my interests, including bugs, slugs, guitars and cars.

Photo of Steve Lafler by Jeff Charles

I’ve also produced several graphic novels, including the critically acclaimed Bughouse trilogy of graphic novels. In the summer of 2012, publisher CO2 releases the collected trilogy under one cover in a volume entitled Menage a Bughouse.

Steve Lafler

  1. Mr. Lafler:

    My name is Abner Burnett. I don’t think I’m the fellow you write about in the bit for which a link is: However, I did live in Eugene, Oregon from around late 1979 through the summer of 1984. I sang with a band called the Burners.

    I presently work as a criminal defense lawyer for Texas RioGrande Legal Aid.

    I’m writing because I am thinking about making a trip up to Oregon next year to hang out with some of the folks with whom I used to play music. As ideas usually go with geezer musicians, we are thinking about a couple of low voltage performances. When the inevitable subject of merchandise came up, I thought about you. I Google myself occasionally, and your article always comes up fairly early in the pages.

    Anyway, I found this website. Assuming that you are the cat that wrote the article about my namesake, I decided to check in.

    Are you still involved in the silk screen biz? I’m not wanting to learn, but am curious.

    Abner Burnett

    • devil41076 permalink

      Hi Abner, very interesting indeed! I still have a tshirt printing biz based in Portland OR. I wonder if I ever saw the Burners. Did you play around Eugene? I went to lots of shows, at the WOW Hall and at bars and the like.

  2. J.Blue permalink

    Hey Steve: Thought you might appreciate this site. I thought it to be pretty impressive in depicting that phase of M.E./Let’s Active around the time where we last saw each other in person –(club on Divisidero St. SF. –27 years ago)?
    I’ve been enjoying the latest Oaxaca acrylics.

  3. Bob D permalink

    Steve – I can’t believe I found this site. I was at Umass (Pierpont) ’74 – 78. I loved Aluminum Foil; especially Benb. You and Benb inspired me during my early years as a USAF, Strategic Air Command, flightcrew member. We would spend a week at a time sitting nuclear alert. To pass the time I would draw cartoon stories about life as a “crewdog” aiming to being as subversive as the Air Force would allow. Your cartoon was a great example to follow and I used Benb as a central character in most of them. I apologize for co-opting Benb all those years ago but he was a “crewdog” favorite. I even spray-painted a cut-out basketball and painted a Benb face on it to wear as a costume to our Wing Halloween Party. Everyone knew who Benb was. It has been over 30 years since I channeled your Benb and I am happy to see your are doing what you love. I will be buying a Benb T-Shirt ASAP. Best of luck to you and thanks for the memories.

    Bob D.

  4. Steve, back in the 70’s I was a U-Mass Student and loved your comics. At the end of a semester when everybody was leaving I hunted you down to see if I could get a couple of Benb T-shirts, you were leaving but said ok. Got out the silkscreening stuff and all for 2 t-shirts for me and a friend!

    I draw an occasional Benb here and there and everyone is fascinated by the character. Just wanted to say hi.

  5. Hi Steve,

    I attended UMass from 79-81 and loved Aluminum Foil and Benb during that time. I recall one strip around the time the Dead performed at Alumni Stadium. The Big Note starred as Jerry’s inspiration. The concept that some spiritual entity moves through us and inspires us was not lost on me. I would suggest it was one of the most important things I’ve learned in my life and I appreciate it greatly. I recognized it as a truth the second I saw it in the Aluminum Foil that day.

    I cut that strip out and saved it for years. Sadly I can’t find it. The Collegian has archived images for every year except 1979! Can you believe it. Do you happen to have a copy of that strip or a collection of Aluminum Foil works. I would love that particular strip. Is there any chance you can help me with this.

    Best regards,

    Ray Howard
    43 Kendall Road
    Keene NH 03431

  6. Cleaning out boxes and found my old clippings of Aluminum Foil from my college days in the Valley. You were (are?) one crazy motherfucker. Glad to see you are still doing great things and I hope to check out your page! peace and love xoxox

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