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(Sex &) Death in Oaxaca


Alternative Comics of Cupertino, CA ships (Sex &) Death in Oaxaca #3 in February, 2017, a 32-page comic book with color covers. The story synopsis:

Poor Eduardo. Our ancient Mexican vampire pal hasn’t had human blood for 100 years, and he’s feeling anemic. Luckily, Dora the feisty tamale lady and curvy Caroline are both coming to call on Eduardo. As for Rex, he’s lucky too—Gertie lures him into afternoon margaritas and a bootie call on the beach. Now if only Rex can keep his nemesis Skull Guy at arm’s length…

As usual when I put our a new comic book, I tend to think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, but you can make up your mind about that when you pick up a copy at your local comic shop (or from Alternative Comics) in February!


PS – Be sure to check out my BugHouse ebooks at Alternative too!

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BugHouse #8 eBook – Visit the Afterlife for $0.99

Get your copy of the BugHouse #8 eBook, and take a trip with Julie Watts to the afterlife for a lousy buck!

419379._SX640_QL80_TTD_This issue was originally published in June, 1997. Thanks to Marc Arsenault of Alternative Comix for publishing the BugHouse eBook series.

The Oaxaca Painting book arrived today

THUDA_WEB Thunder Road, 9″ x 12″, acrylic, July 2016

My new art book Oaxaca Painting Service arrived today! It’s a 40-page perfect bound color book of my paintings of my adopted city of Oaxaca, Mexico. I bop around and paint street food, cactus, beat-up cars and as you can see above, a mezcal still.


You can buy the book at for $18.00 — a nice way to visit Oaxaca on the cheap!


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The Painting Book is GO

My Kickstarter campaign to fund a modest book of my paintings from Oaxaca is a success! A huge thanks to all my backers!GENI_YAGUL

This piece I painted from a photo of my daughter Geni walking the ruins at Yagul, Oaxaca.

I’ll put up more info soon about my book of paintings. I’ll have it ready to go by the end of July. Gotta get some sleep now!



Oaxaca Painting Book Kickstarter – 6 Days to Go!

TELE_CactusCactus with Telecaster

My Kickstarter project to fund a book of my paintings from Oaxaca, Mexico has 6 days to go. Really hoping to make the goal of $1250.

You can sign up for the book or other art rewards here.



Announcing a Book of Paintings & Kickstarter

I’m really pumped to announce a book of my Oaxaca paintings, and a Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing. But first, let’s look at the most recent paintings! The first is the river/stream running through San Andreas Huayapam, and the second is a Tejate seller at the Pochote organic market.


TEJATE_painting(Tejate painting is Sold)

Here’s the details:

Veteran underground cartoonist Steve Lafler is set to release his new book Oaxaca Painting Service in August. Lafler collects acrylic paintings depicting life in his adopted town of Oaxaca, Mexico.

The paintings document the small moments of life in Oaxaca, from open air markets to the thriving street food scene, and the nascent cult of mezcal, the distilled agave spirt that is gaining a toe-hold in the U.S. Market.

“I love the buzz and hum of daily life in Oaxaca. This mountain town is the cultural jewel of southern Mexico, and I’m on fire to capture it’s flavor in paint”, quips the artist.

Lafler is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the publication of the book.

The Kickstarter URL:

Oaxaca Painting Service is a 40-page perfect bound limited edition book produced in full color.

For further information, contact Steve at or 503-213-3671

Even More Acrylic Paintings from Oaxaca

I’ve been having a fine time painting this late spring, here’s two more paintings of subjects in Oaxaca, Mexico where I live.


This is a night time food vendor making Tlayudas, giant crispy fresh tortillas with beans, cheese, salsa and other delicious toppings, served hot and fresh! A meal worth traveling thousands of miles for, and dirt cheap to boot.



This is a Tobala agave, a wild variety that grows at altitude under shade of mountain forest, prized for the amazing mezcal that can be distilled from it.

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