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Lucha Bruja Graphic Novel & Beyond

I’ve started work on a new piece, it’s sort of a graphic novel but with many twists. In truth, the less I say about it for now, the better!

I’ve drawn nine pages so far, and have a script in hand with enough material for a good 60 – 70 pages so far. As always I look to keep spontaneity in the work, actively looking for the moments where I can jump off script into cool ideas that crop up.

I’m messing with format, marketing and publishing concepts. Suffice to say, the publishing industry is in flux! So I’m messing with it.

Meanwhile I ask for your support for my cartooning habit! I recommend ordering a copy of my latest graphic novel Lucha Bruja. You can also visit my Lulu Steve Lafler Catalog page to pick up select items from my back catalog.

Here’s the cover spreads for some of the books:

Here’s what my old friend and co-conspirator Stephen Beaupre (Buzzard Comix anthology editor) writes about Lucha Bruja:

“Lafler kicks off his latest genre-defying opus by introducing us to Rex, Gertie, and Myles, a close-knit family making a new home in Oaxaca, Mexico. Lafler renders this table-setting plotline (think timeline) in warm comedic hues, set to the relatable rhythm of wayfinding in a colorful unfamiliar world. Once that backing track is locked in — everything is a manifestation of music in Lafler’s world — curious new melodies start to emerge in the form of a blues harp playing spirit guide, creeping vampirism (metaphorical and quite real), and one truly kickass superhero alter ego. And that’s just the start, all propelled by Lafler’s masterful art and storytelling chops.”

Here’s some praise for my BugHouse graphic novels by a couple of famous guys:

I’m going to recommend a graphic novel that is great because it is good, solid and delivers in spades what I most enjoy in a comic book; a comfortable mastery of the form, fun, surprises, a story I can get into and a light touch. In short its the kind of book you can flop down on the couch with of an afternoon, lie back and enjoy.”

Jim Woodring, commenting on BugHouse for Boing Boing

Stop! Stop! My sides are aching! You’re driving me to Buggyland with this stuff!”

Lux Interior, the late, great lead singer for legendary Psychobilly punk band, The Cramps.

These are smart guys!!! So this means you must buy these comics right away, like for real man!

And I’m tellin’ ya, the ladies like BugHouse too, for what it’s worth… I gotta dig up quotes from Mary Fleener and Phoebe Gloeckner on BugHouse… currently buried in the non-digital archives in Oaxaca, Mexico in my bodega/storage room!


Cartoonist as Zen Demon, Hauling Strange Fish up on Deck from the Deep

Here is the episode #8 of my personal comix history – The Cartoonist as Zen Agitator.

Order your copy of Lucha Bruja from Amazon (my new graphic novel, a fictionalization of my decade of living in Oaxaca, Mexico.)

PS – Yet another episode of my personal comix history at this link, where I talk about having a young Joe Sacco as my editor at Fantagraphics.

My Personal Comix History: Vlog Series

I’ve been posting a series of videos on my personal comics history at my Steve Lafler “artist page” at FB.

Or, here’s a direct link to the latest video covering my 1986 deal with Fantagraphics to publish Dog Boy.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to pick up my new graphic novel Lucha Bruja from Amazon!


New Lafler Graphic Novels from Cat-Head Comics

Hello! I have re-launched my Cat-Head Comics imprint. The first graphic novel is Lucha Bruja, a fictionalized report on my decade of living in Oaxaca, Mexico.

You can order Lucha Bruja from Amazon at this link.

I’m putting my entire catalog of comix and graphic novels on Cat-Head over the next several months. The first legacy book that is available is BugHouse, my be-bopping tale of bugs on drugs who play jazz. Can they make it to the top of the jazz heap and avoid the trap of addiction???

BugHouse can be purchased over at Lulu at this link.


And just for fun, I’m offering a super deal on my 50-page graphic novela Cat Suit for just $5 + shipping!


Steve Lafler

PS – Don’t worry Dog Boy fans! I’m working on it.

Steve Lafler’s Lucha Bruja: Destination Oaxaca

Tacos & tejate (maize/cacao drink) at the Oaxaca organic market

Steve Lafler here, enthused to present my new graphic novel Lucha Bruja, available at Amazon for $14.99. I’m building buzz for the book before throwing it onto the book and comics market later this year.

May I ask you to support the buzz (and my cartooning habit) by purchasing a copy at Amazon? Alternatively, you can email me to buy Lucha Bruja via paypal.

The story: Expats Gertie and Rex (and son Myles) perk up their lives in vivacious Oaxaca, the highland cultural jewel of southern Mexico. They ecounter Eduardo, a crafty 2000-year old Zapotec indigenous vampire, El Rey Pelón (the skinny pot-bellied fungus man who drives a taxi), and of course Death, who plays a mean harmonica.

If you’re in Northern California, I’ll be appearing at the Bicycle Day event at the Midway in San Francisco on April 19th, commemorating Albert Hoffman’s famous bike ride. I’ll be signing books in the arty market/vendors area. I’ll have some cool merch/art on hand too. Would love to see you there! Here’s the flyer with the deets:

I’ve been publishing indy comix and graphic novels since 1981, but I am super excited to publish again on my Cat-Head Comics imprint! I’ll actually have my classic BugHouse graphic novel back in print soon… stay tuned!

Lucha Bruja is Live at Amazon

I’m pleased to announce my new graphic novel Lucha Bruja, my takeaway project from a decade of living in Oaxaca, Mexico. I’ve revived my Cat-Head Comics imprint with this project. Both print and Kindle versions of Lucha Bruja can be purchased at Amazon.

Here’s a quick synopsis:

“Auteur graphic novelist Steve Lafler invites you to join expats Rex and Gertie on their wild ride to the remote highland jewel of Oaxaca, Mexico. There they find Eduardo, a crafty 2000-year old Zapotec vampire who prefers chicken, and El Rey Pelón (the skinny, pot-bellied fungus who drives a taxi).

Gertie lives out her fantasy, surreptitiously transforming into a nocturnal Lucha Libre wrestler, while Rex grapples with the specter of mortality as he turns fifty. Picking up his steel string Epiphone guitar, he finds himself accompanied in song by Death himself (who plays a mean harmonica).

Pour a shot of craft mezcal and cozy up with Lucha Bruja!”

My time in Oaxaca included visits to the mountain towns of Huatla de Jiminez and San Jose del Pacifico where Psilocybin mushroom rituals have been led by curanderas for thousands of years.

My own such experience dates back to the late 70s. As an undergraduate at UMass, I had a spectacular (and terrifying) initiation experience behind mushrooms, leaving me with a vision of singularity, demoting my Catholic indoctrination to a modest corner of my psyche.

What did I learn? The singularity is not imminent, it’s here. The trick is to recognize it, and let this knowledge inform your actions.

It always has been and always will be, the present. Everything, anything is possible.

Hint 1: Love is the answer.

Hint 2: All action is simultaneous.

Hint 3: Man is time.



P.S. If you like Lucha Bruja, please consider writing a reader review of it at Amazon… and THANKS!

Drop me a line!

New (Old) Book & Imprint

Hey there! I am getting some exciting stuff ready to go for 2019.

I’ve reworked my limited edition GN Death Plays a Mean Harmonica from 2017 (my Oaxaca graphic novel). I’ll be releasing an expanded version of the work under a new title.

AND… I’m reviving my Cat-Head Comics imprint. I published under this time-honored imprint throughout the 80s and 90s, and going forward I intend to put my whole back-catalog into circulation under the Head of the Cat, with a freshly minted publishing/promotion strategy that throws the baby out with the bath water, in short an entirely new model. Not another word about this at present.

Anyhow, this post is just a teaser. Give me a few weeks, then look for some news. Cheers!



Baja – Lafler’s Classic BugHouse GN (2002) Available as Ebook

Baja is part two of my trilogy of BugHouse graphic novels published by Top Shelf at the beginning of the century. It continues the story of an all-insect bebop jazz band, with a twist. That being, Bones the bass player has been framed by crooked cops and drug dealers. He goes on the lam to Mexico, only to find himself drafted into a local R&B band!

I’m very excited about this one. Baja was created after my first long trip to Mexico in the late 90s and it references both Oaxaca and that amazing cultural nugget of gold, the amazing baroque grandeur of the city of Guanajuato. In truth, the narrative contrives an excuse for Bones to get away to Mexico, as I was motivated to set a story there. Some fans of BugHouse opine that this is the best bit of the entire saga… you can score this eBook at the links below. Enjoy!


Here’s the Comixology link:

Or you can click right here to get it for Kindle

Or click here to get the book at Google Play

The price is $1.99

Thanks to Marc Arsenault at Alternative for getting the eBook out!

Steve Lafler Illustration for 2018

Here’s a few recent images showing the range of my work.

Road Agents. T-Shirt design for Bluegrass band.


Street Food, Oaxaca Mexico. Commissioned acrylic painting.


Death Plays a Mean Harmonica. Limited edition graphic novel cover.

I’m actively looking to add new clients for my visual work. Email me or call (707) 849-7836.

I’ve done jobs for clients big and small, from Sony Music and Apple to Sarah’s Science camp for kids.

Cheers, Steve Lafler

See You at the L.A. Zine Fest

Hey, I’ll be at the L.A. Zine Fest at the Pasadena Convention Center on May 27th. I’ll have copies of my Oaxaca graphic novel Death Plays a Mean Harmonica, and also my 2002 title The $99.00 Drag Makeover. Hope to see you there!

I’ll be sharing a table with my good friend Carrie McNinch.