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The Cat-Head Comics Reboot is Live

Wow, I have the Complete Dog Boy and the Complete BugHouse back in print! Hooray! And you can get these oversize art comics via my Cat-Head Comics Reboot project. Together these legacy volumes deliver almost 900 pages of highly unusual comix.

I’d encourage you to visit my Cat-Head Comics Reboot / Kickstarter project at this link to order the BugHouse and Dog Boy volumes, along with a sweet array of my other graphic novels and original artworks.

I started Cat-Head Comics in 1983 to publish Dog Boy #1. I’ve gone on to create a pile of comix and graphic novels, including the indigo-noir BugHouse graphic novel trilogy and the raucous Buzzard anthology with co-conspirator Stephen Beaupre. I’ve published my own comix and also have worked with Top Shelf, Fantagraphics, Alternative, Last Gasp and others.

As we stumble and lunge into the digital era, I’m super-pumped to seize the reins of my artistic destiny and reboot my Cat-Head imprint!

Thanks for your support! And if it’s not the right moment for you to pull out the credit card, please consider sharing the link.


Steve Lafler


Robespierre Snubs Trump at Gates of Hell

Just finished this 11″ x 14″ acrylic on canvas piece. Robespierre Snubs Trump at the Gates of Hell.

Interestingly, finished on the day Nancy Pelosi greenlighted the impeachment proceedings on Trump.

This one goes for $500. Interested? Please email Steve Lafler.

Shipped insured via Fedex.

New Painting “Paul is Dead”

Here’s a new painting with the working title “Paul is Dead”. Yeah, it is a tongue in cheek title. Here’s Dracula playing a left-handed Hofner bass, a clue to the title of the work for sure! 11″ x 14″ acrylic painting.

I’d offered this piece here for sale, and BOOM! SOLD (in one day).

More paintings are on the way.

Meanwhile, I’m offering a Paul is Dead T-Shirt from my Redbubble store, just click this link.

Steve Lafler

Steve Lafler Catalog Update Fall 2019

Hey there, welcome! You are invited to sample my graphic novels, art and T-Shirts. Let’s get started with a few of my favorites…

My latest graphic novel is Lucha Bruja, inspired by my decade-long stint of living in the magical city of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Steve Lafler is different. He’s not content to flip the same burger over and over with different toppings. His worldview is wide open and that everything-goes approach is alive and well in his wonderful new project/object, Lucha Bruja.”

– Stephen Beaupre, editor of Buzzard Comics anthology

You can order your copy of Lucha Bruja direct from Amazon for $14.99.


BugHouse is my best known graphic novel, an insect noir narrative of be-boppin’ bugs, set in a fictional Manhattan of the early 1950s. Inspired by the music of Miles Davis and the cryptic yet lively writings of William S. Burroughs, BugHouse offers a ride like no other graphic novel.

I’m going to recommend a graphic novel that is great because it is good, solid and delivers in spades what I most enjoy in a comic book; a comfortable mastery of the form, fun, surprises, a story I can get into and a light touch. In short its the kind of book you can flop down on the couch with of an afternoon, lie back and enjoy.”

Jim Woodring, commenting on BugHouse for Boing Boing

BugHouse is available at my LULU store for $14.99.
Note: Click through to show you are old enough for this “mature” book.


Benb T-Shirt. Benb is the “happy guy”. He is a complete bumbler, yet he lives a charmed life! Like a cat, he always lands on his feet.

Order your Benb T from my Redbubble shop.

Original Art! I have several key pieces of cover art on offer. You can email or call me if interested. Shipped insured.

Steve Lafler

(707) 849-7836

BugHouse graphic novel cover, brush & ink on bristol board. $500.

Let’s Paint

I’m gonna bust the paints out soon. Here’s a fun BugHouse painting from 2016.

This one was part of my Oaxaca Painting Book which you can still get at my Lulu store.


Original Cover Art Sale – Two Sold, 5 Pieces Still on Offer

Greetings. I’m offering seven pieces of original comic book cover art for sale! Here’s an unusual opportunity for collectors to own one of these brush & ink on bristol board beauties from my archives.
I just returned from a visit to my old digs in Oaxaca, Mexico where most of my comic art is stored, and brought a few gems back with me. Here they are:


1. Doog Boog. Cover, Dog Boy #7, Fantagraphics Books, August 1987.
11″ x 17″ brush & ink on 2-ply Strathmore bristol. $295/ SOLD!


2. Dog Girl. Cover, Dog Boy #8, Fantagraphics Books, October 1987.
12″ x 19″ brush & ink on Strathmore 2-ply bristol. $295


3. BugHouse Graphic Novel, cover. Top Shelf Productions, June 2000.
17″ x 20″, brush & ink on Strathmore 2-ply bristol. $500


4. Prometheus Gift, cover. Cat-Head Comics, August 1991.
11″ x 17″, brush & india ink on Strathmore 2-ply bristol. $395


5. Dancin Cats / Lux & Jerry. An edited version became the cover of Buzzard #3, Cat-Head Comics, February 1991.
12″ x 19″ ish, brush & ink on Strathmore bristol. $500


6. Cover, Centrifugal Bumble Puppy, Fantagraphics Books (Joe Sacco, editor), Spring 1987.
11″ x 14″ brush & ink on Strathmore 2-ply bristol / collage. $295


7. Dog of the Year. Cover, Dog Boy #4, Cat-Head Comics, April 1984.
12″ x 19″ brush & ink on Strathmore 2-ply bristol. $395 SOLD!

All items are shipped fully insured via priority mail in double-thick cardboard art tube. For UPS or Fedex ground add $15, for next day, add $30. Payable via check, paypal or google pay.
Questions? Call me at (707) 849-7836 or email

I’m delighted to offer these pieces of my comic art. They are potent works that can really brighten up a room!

I’m hoping to underwrite frequent travel to see my Dad this year, he just passed away August 20th after a long illness.

Pick your favorite(s) and contact me, we’ll iron out the details.
Thanks for your support and patronage!

All the best,

Steve Lafler

Lucha Bruja Graphic Novel & Beyond

I’ve started work on a new piece, it’s sort of a graphic novel but with many twists. In truth, the less I say about it for now, the better!

I’ve drawn nine pages so far, and have a script in hand with enough material for a good 60 – 70 pages so far. As always I look to keep spontaneity in the work, actively looking for the moments where I can jump off script into cool ideas that crop up.

I’m messing with format, marketing and publishing concepts. Suffice to say, the publishing industry is in flux! So I’m messing with it.

Meanwhile I ask for your support for my cartooning habit! I recommend ordering a copy of my latest graphic novel Lucha Bruja. You can also visit my Lulu Steve Lafler Catalog page to pick up select items from my back catalog.

Here’s the cover spreads for some of the books:

Here’s what my old friend and co-conspirator Stephen Beaupre (Buzzard Comix anthology editor) writes about Lucha Bruja:

“Lafler kicks off his latest genre-defying opus by introducing us to Rex, Gertie, and Myles, a close-knit family making a new home in Oaxaca, Mexico. Lafler renders this table-setting plotline (think timeline) in warm comedic hues, set to the relatable rhythm of wayfinding in a colorful unfamiliar world. Once that backing track is locked in — everything is a manifestation of music in Lafler’s world — curious new melodies start to emerge in the form of a blues harp playing spirit guide, creeping vampirism (metaphorical and quite real), and one truly kickass superhero alter ego. And that’s just the start, all propelled by Lafler’s masterful art and storytelling chops.”

Here’s some praise for my BugHouse graphic novels by a couple of famous guys:

I’m going to recommend a graphic novel that is great because it is good, solid and delivers in spades what I most enjoy in a comic book; a comfortable mastery of the form, fun, surprises, a story I can get into and a light touch. In short its the kind of book you can flop down on the couch with of an afternoon, lie back and enjoy.”

Jim Woodring, commenting on BugHouse for Boing Boing

Stop! Stop! My sides are aching! You’re driving me to Buggyland with this stuff!”

Lux Interior, the late, great lead singer for legendary Psychobilly punk band, The Cramps.

These are smart guys!!! So this means you must buy these comics right away, like for real man!

And I’m tellin’ ya, the ladies like BugHouse too, for what it’s worth… I gotta dig up quotes from Mary Fleener and Phoebe Gloeckner on BugHouse… currently buried in the non-digital archives in Oaxaca, Mexico in my bodega/storage room!

Cartoonist as Zen Demon, Hauling Strange Fish up on Deck from the Deep

Here is the episode #8 of my personal comix history – The Cartoonist as Zen Agitator.

Order your copy of Lucha Bruja from Amazon (my new graphic novel, a fictionalization of my decade of living in Oaxaca, Mexico.)

PS – Yet another episode of my personal comix history at this link, where I talk about having a young Joe Sacco as my editor at Fantagraphics.

My Personal Comix History: Vlog Series

I’ve been posting a series of videos on my personal comics history at my Steve Lafler “artist page” at FB.

Or, here’s a direct link to the latest video covering my 1986 deal with Fantagraphics to publish Dog Boy.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to pick up my new graphic novel Lucha Bruja from Amazon!


New Lafler Graphic Novels from Cat-Head Comics

Hello! I have re-launched my Cat-Head Comics imprint. The first graphic novel is Lucha Bruja, a fictionalized report on my decade of living in Oaxaca, Mexico.

You can order Lucha Bruja from Amazon at this link.

I’m putting my entire catalog of comix and graphic novels on Cat-Head over the next several months. The first legacy book that is available is BugHouse, my be-bopping tale of bugs on drugs who play jazz. Can they make it to the top of the jazz heap and avoid the trap of addiction???

BugHouse can be purchased over at Lulu at this link.


And just for fun, I’m offering a super deal on my 50-page graphic novela Cat Suit for just $5 + shipping!


Steve Lafler

PS – Don’t worry Dog Boy fans! I’m working on it.