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Lafler Graphic Novel Script

I write the script for the Death in Oaxaca graphic novel in a notebook. Sometimes I draw stuff out too. Here’s a good example. I’m on page 108 today. It might be a bit under 200 pages.

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Trump is Already a Lame Duck

What a week for Trump. The Comey firing, then spilling key intelligence to the Russian foreign minister and also the revelation that he asked Comey to shut down the Flynn/Russia investigation. It all adds up to a Special Counsel being appointed to look into the Russia mess. Trump is his own worse enemy.

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Summer of Love 50th Anniversary T-Shirt

I’ve created a T-Shirt celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love. Here’s the design:

Since 1994, I’ve been printing T-Shirts for Haight Ashbury T-Shirts, a retail store sitting on the legendary corner of Haight and Ashbury Streets in San Francisco.

Most of the stuff I print for the store is designed by the talented artist David Boyer. But for the occasion of this landmark anniversary, I came up with my own original design.

You can order yours from my online Steve Lafler shirt shop at Redbubble for a very reasonable $24.09. Enjoy!

I wanted a peace sign in the design, and of course it is constructed from roses. And what symbolizes the free-wheeling 60s better than a VW van??? Well, maybe the shaggy dude driving it…

Steve Lafler

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There’s a Rat in the Woodpile

FBI director Comey’s firing is crazy! Trump is inciting a constitutional crisis. Here are my cartoon and song on the subject at this link. Please give a listen!


There’s a rat in the Woodpile

Gotta Flush him out

There’s a skunk in the outhouse

Gonna make him pout

Douse the wood with kerosine

& Light a Match

Flush the rat in the open

Put him in the trash

His Achilles is his ego

point of attack

gotta pound him where it hurts

& don’t look back

It’s a Constitutional crisis

Happy Mothra’s Day

In our house, Mothers Day transmorgified into Mothra’s Day some years back.  This was when we lived in Portland, Oregon in the 00’s. My pal cartoonist J.R. Williams was discussing B-A-A-A-D Japanese Sci-Fi classics with my wife Serena and I. The next thing you knew, Mothra’s Day was born!

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Ghosts of Web-Comics Past

Stumbled on some interesting art from my old, discontinued web comics. Kinda cool! This was fun stuff, just messing around in the fall of 2007 when I was first in Oaxaca.

The Bodega Boys

Magic Under the Moon & Stars in San Pablo Etla

Who are the Bodega Boys, and why do I romanticize them? And of course, as you can see in the drawing above, I include references to the Bodega Boys in my current graphic novel in progress, Death in Oaxaca. In the comix work, I change the name of the jam group to “Los Mezcaleros”.

From 2008 to about 2015, I attended regular jam sessions in San Pablo Etla, a small village in Oaxaca, Mexico. Of a Thursday night, an affable crew of amateur musicians would show up and jam on bluegrass, country, rock and pop. OK, maybe even jazz in our more coherent moments.

The Bodega Boys were never a band, always a jam. But, fueled by fresh-from-the-still craft Oaxacan Mezcal, we never failed to have a good time. The audience would range from 0 – 50 people, but we always put our best foot forward. Indeed, a roving band of (at first) about 10 musicians forged a camaraderie and eventually played pretty darn well.

Over time, there was a revolving door and the core group grew and splintered, but the basic ethos continued and we always had fun. For me, it was a baptism of fire. I was the odd man out, having never played seriously until the unlikely age of 51 (minus Junior High band), I cut my musical teeth there under the moon in San Pablo Etla, and I never had so much goddamn fun in my life.

Here’re a few photos by Jeff Charles, snapped at these magic evenings under the Oaxaca moon.

Photo #1, Bill Stair and Todd Spiehler, 2009.

Photo #2, Bill Stetcher, aka “Bill Blak”

Photo #3, Tony Raab aka “Juan Adobe”

Drawing, Bill Stair as a calavera, by myself.

-Steve Lafler

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Steve’s Two Minute Bio-Pic

I’ve created a new video to brazenly promote my Patreon page, in my drive to actually make a living as a cartoonist. Enjoy!

Here’s the link:

Here’s the backup version:

Steve Lafler: Cats, Red Wine and Comics

Which one is better? Who knows. Tell me which you like.

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Here’s an example.

Would you like to hear about the limited-edition (screen printed cover, signed & numbered) Death in Oaxaca graphic novel when it comes out? Please send me your email and I’ll keep you informed.

The limited edition version will be available prior to the bookstore edition.

Dog Boy hits Mexico City

Got the call to do a piece for an underground comic from publisher Ediciones Joc Doc in Mexico City. Here’s a panel from the page I did for them.

The full page is at my Patreon site.

Voted #1 Cartoonist by Indigenous Mexican Vampires

This past weekend I started drawing the pages for the final installment of my Death in Oaxaca graphic novel. I’ll be posting the Oaxaca pencil art as I draw it at my Patreon site.You can see the rest of the graphic novel unfold week by week as I stick the pages up at Patreon/Steve Lafler, with the caveat that you gotta sign up for (at least) a $1.00 per month dig on your credit card. Well worth it, as I’m also posting political cartoons and new music, quick a bang for your buck.

I’ve published 3 issues of Death in Oaxaca with Alternative Comics. So once I get this next batch of pages done, I’ll put out the entire work as a graphic novel.

I’m trying to figure out how to promote the graphic novel once it appears. I’m frankly fed up with traditional disribution avenues. I’ve moved my share of books over time, around 75,000 units, but never really saw more than a trickle of funds from it, with the odd (modest) windfall here and there. Thus it’s time to roll into a new model. When you got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Right now, I favor the idea of driving a mini-van full of books all the fuck over the place. I’ll bring my guitar, and said books and van to your town, I’ll busk with a pile of books at my side. Set-up a rechargable pig nose amp and let ‘er rip! Yup, I’ll throw my heart and guts right out on the sidewalk and see if anyone bites! I could spend a year doing that just to see how it goes. I think I’d have one hell of a lot of fun.