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Going Like Sixty

What a beautiful life!

As I turn 60, that’s my thought regarding my tenure as “Steve Lafler” on this planet.


This may sound goofy as hell, given the political/cultural moment we are in. But I am in the moment, as always, regarding the totality of existence. I have a beautiful wife and beloved two children and brilliant friends. I draw, write, run and play music.

And, given the moment, I resist hatred and racism. And heavy handed neo-fascist politicos!

I’m thankful, indeed grateful, just a happy six-foot bug running the green hills of the planet, I savor the joyful moments and soldier through the tough ones.

The art above is my revamping of the classic board game LIFE, just posted at my Patreon feed of weekly comics. In pursuit of garnering el dinero for the aforementioned unit known as “Steve Lafler”, I’m now putting up a steady stream of new comics work at the Patreon site. In the interest of continuing to eat, I’m asking for your help with this initiative.

Please consider joining me at Patreon as a subscriber. You can opt in for as low as $1 per month for regular posts of my new work. As I plow into geezerhood, I’m hoping to build this into a central outlet for my comix, including work from my graphic novel in progress, Death in Oaxaca, as well as my political screeds. Cheers!

Steve Lafler

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My New Comic Book Death in Oaxaca #3 is out.

And it even has a smouldering Love-in-a-cabaña-at-the-beach scene!


You can buy the new issue for $4.99 here.

AT the buy page, there are also links to the first two issues, so you can get the whole set. The price goes down to $2.99 each if you get all 3!

Here’s the cover of the new one, in case you haven’t seen it yet. It’s an acrylic painting.


If there’s any art collector types out there, I’m offering the cover art framed at $275. This includes shipping/insurance. It’s a 10″ x 12″ piece. Please note, the painted cover art does not include the logo!

Zip me an email or call 707 849-7836 if interested.

Steve Lafler

Please check out my weekly comics at Patreon, and consider subscribing for as little as $1.00 per month.

“Steve Bannon 101” cartoon at my Patreon Feed

I’ve done the research on Steve Bannon, he is a dangerous crackpot unfit for government service! Here’s one of the better pieces I read on Bannon, from the Washington Post.

To see my Bannon 101 cartoon, please subscribe to the weekly cartoon by Steve Lafler at Patreon. You can subscribe for as little as $1 per month!

Dog BoyMy old friend Dog Boy appears in some of my Patreon cartoons.

I’m gunning to make a living doing comics and cartoons. As I approach 60 (soon!), it’s harder to get hired to do other work so I’m pushing to make a go of it with my art.



Cartoonist Steve Lafler’s Weekly Strip: Never Give Up

IT’s a lot of fun to learn to draw our stunning crop of political villains: Trump, Bannon, Paul Ryan, Betsy DeVos, Mike Pence, and the Koch Bros. But just the same, staring at their heinous mugs makes me queasy!

You can join the fun and HURL with me at weekly Never Give Up posts at Patreon / Steve Lafler for as little as $1 per month (but if you are the CEO of Lyft, I hope you’ll join for $5 cada mes!). Here’s a few samples:



Even more fun, I’m posting a song per week by my Oaxacabilly band, Radio Insecto. A couple of the tunes have political themes (anti-Monsanto, for example), but for the most part it’s shit-kicking Oaxaca-based country punk music. Give it a listen here, if you want to know what the heck the preceding oxymoron adds up to! Press play when you get there.

Turns out the horrible lot in Washington is a cartoonists dream come true in a perverse way, we’re coming out of the woodwork with our best slings & arrows. Everyone from the New Yorker cartoonists to my level of fringe lunatic alternative ink-slingers are having a field day. Hey, some of them, like Shannon Wheeler, are the same people, come to think of it.

Thanks for slogging through my BRAZEN sales pitch! I hope you enjoy my efforts to sling brick-bats at Trump and his turd army.

Steve Lafler



Le Leyenda Del Gato Sucio – Give ‘er a Listen


Visit El Gato Sucio here & press listen! He’s the baddest punk rock cat in Oaxaca, Mexico.

New Trump Cartoon: Steve Bannon, Go to Hell


Trump appointed white supremicist Steve Bannon to the National Security Council. What is a cartoonist to do? I sent these hateful racists to Hell in a Bucket, thank you very much!

I invite you to join my Patreon page as a subscriber. I’m looking to challenge the Trump gang via comics and I ask for your support. Thank you very much!


Manifesto of Love Against Hate & Racism


Today, billionaire oligarch families upend democracy in the United States via corporations and politicians under their thumb. One example of their anti-democratic action is the implementation of a strategy to disenfranchise African Americans and Latino voters, resulting in a Republican House and Senate in 2016.

Counter the moves of these ruthless anti-democratic billionaires via grass routes organizing and action. This is what President Obama called for in his farewell address.

Consider the success of the Standing Rock Sioux and the thousands of veterans who came to their aid on December 4, 2016. They stopped the plans of Energy Transfer Partners to drive an oil pipeline through their territory, and the thuggish efforts of the North Dakota police and government to defeat the protesters.

Along with organizing, push the art pedal to the metal! Create songs, bands, comic books, plays, podcasts, paintings, radio shows, books, videos, movies, digital art, performance art, dance productions, festivals and paintings to counter hate and racism.

Use any and all means at your disposal to counter and resist racism and hate. Attack the anti-democratic actions of the billionaire oligarchs and their corporate and political tools. Take a page from Trump’s playbook. The brazen stooge Donald Trump ignores convention to achieve his goals, we can too. The motto of the super rich throughout history is divide and conquer. Watch for it, often via agent provocateurs and covert manipulation.

Organize, plan, act. Never give up!

Love is the answer, not hate

billionaires_banquet_webrezPlease join me at Patreon for my weekly cartoons.

I’m taking names and kicking booty, taking Trump, Paul Ryan, the Koch brothers and their ilk to task!

You can subscribe for a little as $1 per month. Bonus content! I’m posting songs from Billionaires Banquet, the first album from my band Radio Insecto.


Steve Lafler

Steve Lafler Launches at Patreon: Weekly Political Cartoons to Foil Trump

Cartoonist Steve Lafler launches a new weekly political comic at Patreon, just in time for the Trump inauguration. The veteran graphic novelist includes a “Manifesto Against Hate & Racism” along with his first weekly comics post.

Lafler employs his Dog Boy character as his avatar, commenting on the incoming Trump administration, Congress, and the billionaire class. “Dog Boy is ready to tear them a new one. In the most dignified way, of course” quips the artist, with a glint in his eye.

The cartoonist, best known for his Dog Boy and BugHouse comics series, also uses Patreon to release the first album from his punk band Radio Insecto, entitled Billionaires Banquet (a play on the Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet). Lafler will post a song per week for the first 11 weeks.

Patreon charges a subscriber fee as low as $1 per month for access to content from creatives.

Here is the link to the Steve Lafler Patreon page:

For further information contact Steve Lafler via email.

billionaires_banquet_webrezLafler’s art for his band, Radio Insecto, a tribute to the Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet album art.

derg_1_webrezThe first page of Dog Boy from Lafler’s new Patreon feed.

Our Boys Need Burritos


Max and Steve need Burritos! And you can help.

An amazing new cartoon initiative is about to unfold! Details to come next week, prior to the inauguration of Trump.

See ya soon,


(Sex &) Death in Oaxaca


Alternative Comics of Cupertino, CA ships (Sex &) Death in Oaxaca #3 in February, 2017, a 32-page comic book with color covers. The story synopsis:

Poor Eduardo. Our ancient Mexican vampire pal hasn’t had human blood for 100 years, and he’s feeling anemic. Luckily, Dora the feisty tamale lady and curvy Caroline are both coming to call on Eduardo. As for Rex, he’s lucky too—Gertie lures him into afternoon margaritas and a bootie call on the beach. Now if only Rex can keep his nemesis Skull Guy at arm’s length…

As usual when I put our a new comic book, I tend to think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, but you can make up your mind about that when you pick up a copy at your local comic shop (or from Alternative Comics) in February!


PS – Be sure to check out my BugHouse ebooks at Alternative too!

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