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Steve Lafler Illustration for 2018

Here’s a few recent images showing the range of my work.

Road Agents. T-Shirt design for Bluegrass band.


Street Food, Oaxaca Mexico. Commissioned acrylic painting.


Death Plays a Mean Harmonica. Limited edition graphic novel cover.

I’m actively looking to add new clients for my visual work. Email me or call (707) 849-7836.

I’ve done jobs for clients big and small, from Sony Music and Apple to Sarah’s Science camp for kids.

Cheers, Steve Lafler


See You at the L.A. Zine Fest

Hey, I’ll be at the L.A. Zine Fest at the Pasadena Convention Center on May 27th. I’ll have copies of my Oaxaca graphic novel Death Plays a Mean Harmonica, and also my 2002 title The $99.00 Drag Makeover. Hope to see you there!

I’ll be sharing a table with my good friend Carrie McNinch.

The Tree of Life

A great dream recently. Running through the forest just before dawn. Where? Northern California? Oregon? Upstate New York? Not sure.

I’m inexorably drawn to a giant tree as a deep, undulating beat asserts itself. An enourmous low hanging branch forms a swaying arch and a black bear almost materializes above it. Fear? NO! I run right towards it.

Oaxaca Painting Redux

I’m still compelled to make paintings depicting life in Oaxaca, Mexico where I lived for close to ten years. This is a scene from the PanteĆ³n de Santa Cruz Xoxocotlan, Oaxaca, painted from a photo I took on October 31, 2015. I’m posting a few stages this piece went through as I worked on it.

I thought the background got too dark here…

This is (almost!) the final version:

Here’s the photo I worked from:

These women run a puesto (food stand) outside the cemetary during the festive all-night long Dia de Muertos celebration. We’re talking the world’s best tacos dorados (chicken or cheese), not to mention crazy delicious green tomatillo salsa! With my family and friends in tow, we discovered the transcendent and sublime in the small moments of life in Oaxaca, just sitting down and eating street food.

Oh, I should mention, this painting is really fun to produce! It’s kind of a happy mess.

Hey, if you like it, I could paint a Oaxaca scene for you too! Zip me an email.



Lafler T-Shirts for Both Punks & Hippies

Just posted my new San Francisco tourist design up at ebay at this link. Twenty bucks and a bit for shipping and it’s yours. I took my Death Plays a Mean Harmonica image and put him in the tourist business!

For those who prefer BLACK, we got you covered too. Here’s the updated Zombie Punk T from my shop at Redbubble.

I’ve updated this one from last year, giving the print a smoother feel. This one can be ordered in womens or mens styles.



T-Shirt Time

Greetings, just added a couple new T-Shirt designs to my store at Redbubble.

I took my sugar skull cover for my latest graphic novel Death Plays a Mean Harmonica and created one design to go with the book, and another for the San Francisco/Haight Ashbury tourist market (the store Haight Ashbury T-Shirts carries my designs).

Here’s the designs. Here’s the link to my online shirt shop. Have fun!

copyright 2018 Steve Lafler, all rights reserved

Steve’s “Death Plays a Mean Harmonica” Graphic Novel is Here

My limited edition graphic novel Death Plays a Mean Harmonica arrived today! One hundred copies of a limited edition book with a screen printed cover. I’ll be signing and numbering these and shipping out the presold copies.

There will be a bookstore/trade book edition of this title available later. For now, I wanted to create this “art object” edition.

I’m so happy with this project. Looking the book over, it’s a lively report on my ten years of living in the magical city of Oaxaca, Mexico. It shows who I was when I got there (a 50-year old cartoonist, a bit itchy and scratchy about his mortality). It tracks Oaxaca’s sublime culture, and illuminates my transformation under it’s sway. Aw hell, the book is my love note to Oaxaca.

Listen, I’ve got a very few more copies to sell. They go for $28 a pop. You can logon to paypal and email me funds for your copy to


Steve Lafler

How ‘Bout Some Old School Comics Books?

Yup, I’m sending my new graphic novel Death Plays a Mean Harmonica to press this week, but meanwhile I still have copies of the three issues of Death in Oaxaca on hand (these old school comic books comprise the serialization of most of the material that ends up in the graphic novel).

So you can get issues #1, #2 or #3 (aka Sex & Death in Oaxaca) for $5 each. Or I’ll send you all three for a lucky $13 bucks! Just paypal me the funds via my email and include a note for which issues you want, along with your address. Thanks!

I’ll post ordering instructions for the graphic novel as soon as I get it back from the printer.


Death Plays A Mean Harmonica – Limited Edition Going Fast

I just finished inking the last page of my new graphic novel Death Plays a Mean Harmonica today. The book is a wild romp through the highland jewel of Oaxaca de Juarez, the fantastic city in southern Mexico where I lived for a decade.

I’m sending it to press this week for a first limited-edition printing of 100 copies, featuring a screenprinted cover. It will be signed & numbered.

Screen printed cover in hand

There are still 10 copies of this initial limited edition available.

I’ve presold 50 copies, and will be using 25 for promotion (of the eventual bookstore edition), and another 15 as gifts and personal copies.

You can order one of the remaining ten copies from me via paypal. The cost is $28.00, which includes shipping. You can send your order via paypal – all I need from you is $28 and your address, and the book is yours. Log into your pay pal account and use my email

Cheers, Steve Lafler

Inking: Channeling Kurtzman and Caniff

Using a big brush, getting fluid, laying the brush on it’s side loaded with ink. Thinking about the techniques of Kurtzman, Caniff, and of course Eisner is always in my hand and mind while inking.