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How ‘Bout Some Old School Comics Books?

Yup, I’m sending my new graphic novel Death Plays a Mean Harmonica to press this week, but meanwhile I still have copies of the three issues of Death in Oaxaca on hand (these old school comic books comprise the serialization of most of the material that ends up in the graphic novel).

So you can get issues #1, #2 or #3 (aka Sex & Death in Oaxaca) for $5 each. Or I’ll send you all three for a lucky $13 bucks! Just paypal me the funds via my email and include a note for which issues you want, along with your address. Thanks!

I’ll post ordering instructions for the graphic novel as soon as I get it back from the printer.



Death Plays A Mean Harmonica – Limited Edition Going Fast

I just finished inking the last page of my new graphic novel Death Plays a Mean Harmonica today. The book is a wild romp through the highland jewel of Oaxaca de Juarez, the fantastic city in southern Mexico where I lived for a decade.

I’m sending it to press this week for a first limited-edition printing of 100 copies, featuring a screenprinted cover. It will be signed & numbered.

Screen printed cover in hand

There are still 10 copies of this initial limited edition available.

I’ve presold 50 copies, and will be using 25 for promotion (of the eventual bookstore edition), and another 15 as gifts and personal copies.

You can order one of the remaining ten copies from me via paypal. The cost is $28.00, which includes shipping. You can send your order via paypal – all I need from you is $28 and your address, and the book is yours. Log into your pay pal account and use my email

Cheers, Steve Lafler

Inking: Channeling Kurtzman and Caniff

Using a big brush, getting fluid, laying the brush on it’s side loaded with ink. Thinking about the techniques of Kurtzman, Caniff, and of course Eisner is always in my hand and mind while inking.

One Day Left to Order Steve’s Oaxaca Graphic Novel

Death Plays a Mean Harmonica can be ordered until Friday Nov. 3 at 8:00 pm at this link.

It’s a fantastic piece of Oaxaca, Mexico in comic book form! You’ll L-O-V-E it!

Check out the video




“Death Plays a Mean Harmonica” Fully Funded at Kickstarter

Today, my new graphic novel Death Plays a Mean Harmomica hit it’s funding goal at Kickstarter. This means the limited-edition book will go through the formality of actually appearing in the physical world! A huge thanks and giant hug to all the supporters of my project!

You can still reserve your copy of the limited edition “art object” run until Friday, Nov. 3 at 8pm. About 40 copies of the 100-count run are gone, with another 60 books up for grabs.

Order “Death Plays a Mean Harmonica” at this link.

Thanks a wicked lot!!!

Happy Happy Happy,

Steve Lafler

Steve Lafler’s Oaxaca Graphic Novel – Two Days Left, Gotta Raise $341 or BUST

Just over 2 days to go in my Kickstarter fundraiser to publish my new book Death Plays a Mean Harmonica. I have to raise another $341 or the project goes down. I’m a-gettin’ mighty nervous here!

You can order the book from the fundraiser page – please help this book exist! Click here to view the Kickstarter page and order info. THANKS I loves ya!   -Steve

Almost Famous

Howdy! My Kickstarter to fund my new book is TANKING! 30 years back I was mildly famous, moving a few thousand of each book. Now I’m struggling to sell 100. My conceit, I’m a better cartoonist now… Well, you can still order the book for a few more days. I might squeak it yet! The link:

Graphic Novelist Eaten Alive by Oaxacabilly Cult

Photo: Jeff Charles

When I moved to Oaxaca, Mexico in the Fall of 2007, I was looking for adventure. If I’d know I was to be drafted by a clandestine group of shaggy, mezcal-slugging musicians caterwauling under the moon, you could have knocked be over with a feather.

The remote highland city of Oaxaca has it all. An art scene second only to Mexico City, eclectic late-night cafes, astounding ruins, and it’s own Oaxacan cuisine celebrated the world over.

Along with adventure, I was looking for a house. The wife, two kids and I had to live somewhere on our Mexican sojourn. Enter one Todd Spiehler, expat real estate agent. Mr. Spiehler, an amiable fellow, showed us a few houses around town. Within 15 minutes of meeting us, Todd gave me a cock-eyed look and queried me with an impish grin “So you’re a guitar player?”

“Huh? I’m a cartoonist! Sure, I know a few chords, but…” Undaunted, Spiehler informed me that I’d be attending Thursday night jams out in San Pablo Etla, a village a few miles out of the city of Oaxaca. Turns out a rag-tag group of expats & Mexicanos known as the Bodega Boys assemble weekly to run through an assortment of bluegrass, blues and rock & roll tunes.

What’s more, the host, Tony Raab, is an expert mezcalero. He makes craft mezcal, the distilled agave spirit that is the heart & soul of Oaxaca. Mr. Raab’s mezcal still is conveniently located 60 meters from where the Bodega Boys play under the stars. Trouble ahead, trouble behind! And, and amazing amount of fun beckons.

To say I fell down the musical rabbit hole is an understatement. I played under the stars with the Bodega Boys week after week for several years, and played in bands with a variety of swashbuckling musicians, both expats and Mexicans.

Fast forward almost 10 years. By the time my family returns to the United States, not only am I the frontman of Radio Insecto, a local “Oaxacabilly” band, but I had my subject for my new graphic novel Death Plays a Mean Harmonica.

Currently, I’m running a Kickstarter to finance my Oaxaca graphic novel, a limited edition first printing with a screen printed cover. The book highlights the small moments of life in Oaxaca, exploring street food with an insider’s eye, as well as big overarching themes such as the Mexican take on mortality. And yes, making music under the stars with a jicara of craft mezcal in hand.

Steve Lafler

Radio Insecto’s Oaxacabilly Music

Listen & download to our shit-kicking Oaxacabilly music at this link!

On Deadline, Slinging Ink

I have a bunch of pages to ink to get my new book done!

Would you consider ordering Death Plays a Mean Harmonica at my Kickstarter? This is my Oaxaca graphic novel,  a culmination of my moxie as a cartoonist. A real art-object collector’s item.But damn! I’m asking for support on this one, not sure if I can garner enough sales to fund this sucker!

But damn! I’m asking for support on this one, not sure if I can garner enough sales to fund this sucker!

With your order, I’m on my way to getting this book into print. I know I sound like a public radio fundraiser here, but I’m delivering a wonderful weird item you’ll truly treasure, and indeed won’t ever find elsewhere.