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Movie Star 1956 Graphic Novel – Kickstarter Coming in October.

September 14, 2021

Greetings! I’ve been messing around with cover ideas for my upcoming graphic novella Movie Star 1956. This is what I’ve got so far, below. OK, I like it. Maybe I’ll add some color to the line art here. I’ll come up with a couple more ideas, trusting the muse to stick a some engaging images in my head.

I’m excited about Movie Star 1956, this title marks a new approach to my graphic storytelling. I’ve employed a lot of research and reference in creating the look of Manhattan in 1956, much more than in the past. I’m hardly going “realistic” as my drawings retain a sort of rubbery cartoon realism. That being said, I’ve really enjoyed capturing the look and feel of a particular time and place in mid-20th century New York City.

I’m a month out from starting a Kickstarter campaign to launch the book (running from Oct. 11 through Halloween.) I’ll be inviting you to order the book via the campaign, and will be offering some nicely priced original artwork, as well as a key title from my back-catalog, the hilarious 40 Hour Man (with writer Stephen Beaupre.)

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