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Forty Hour Man: Preorders & Playlist

January 26, 2022

HEY THERE! Just now, you can order the Forty Hour Man graphic novel for $20 via paypal ( or Venmo (@Steven-Lafler). This is the re-issue of the classic 2006 book by writer Stephen Beaupre, with art by myself.

Retailers can order the book from Ingram, ISBN: 978-1-7341087-8-1

Here is all you need to know about this wonderful book with the universal theme of Shitty Jobs:

Forty Hour Man from Cat Head Comics by Stephen Beaupre with art by Steve Lafler
Author Stephen Beaupre has curated a Forty Hour Man Spotify Playlist to celebrate his hilarious book on the plight of the working stiff.

Title: Forty Hour Man (Stephen Beaupre, writer. Steve Lafler, artist.)

Format: Trade Paper 6″x9″, 248 pages. Color covers, matte finish, B&W interior

Retail: $19.99

ISBN: 978-1-7341087-8-1    The new edition of the 2006 book.
Is it a career, or a series of really lame jobs? Stephen Beaupre (author) and Steve Lafler (cartoonist) pose this timeless question in Forty Hour Man, a hilarious saga of one working stiff’s three-decade journey into the minimum wage heart of the American Dream. It’s all here – from scrubbing a steakhouse floor with a toothbrush to going bust in the Internet boom. Every bad boss. Every crazy co-worker. All the more shocking because it’s true!

Stephen Beaupre discusses Forty Hour Man and his playlist for the book:

“Welcome to the Great Resignation. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers in record numbers are quitting their jobs, lining up to punch out with gusto one last time. Yes, karma seems to be finally catching up with bad bosses and toxic workplaces.

Now that the grand awakening has awakened, this is the perfect time to re-unleash 40 Hour Man — a memoir-esque jam session with maestro Steve Lafler chronicling all of my ridiculous jobs and suspect life choices spanning three decades. All shocking. All true. 

Sure, some people go to the best school, major in business, graduate with honors, buy a business blue button-down and never look back. Not me. I chose a different path. OK, not really a path. More of a blindfolded stagger into the waiting arms of the siren Whatever. 

Still, a life of only left turns doesn’t mean you’re not getting anywhere. Like the embroidery on countless inspirational throw pillows, it’s the journey that matters. And my history of bouncing like a pinball from one odd choice to the next has been punctuated with bliss. 

One bliss-like moment was collaborating with Steve Lafler on this book. Steve and I have been friends for over 30 years and he was never far from these stories, oftentimes even driving the getaway car. So having him as a copilot on this ride, adding his sympatico visual punch to the plotline, was perfect. It turns out this is why I washed dishes in a cowboy uniform. 

Now pour yourself a tall one and turn up this oven-fresh 40 Hour Man playlist.” 

– Stephen Beaupre
Contact: Steve Lafler
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