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BugHouse: Book One – Back in Print

April 18, 2021

I’m delighted to announce that my BugHouse graphic novel is back in print on my Cat Head Comics imprint! It was first released by Top Shelf in June, 2000.

You can get a copy at Amazon, or ask your comic retailer to order from Diamond Comic Distributors.

For those new to this title, here’s a synopsis:

Tenor saxophone maestro Jimmy Watts leads his talented band of bugs from the swing era into the uncharted maelstrom of Bebop. As he and his band mates claw their way to the top of the jazz world, they must fight the temptation to be consumed by addiction to a substance known as “Bug Juice.”

Inspired by the postwar explosion of Bohemian cultural stylings from artists as diverse as jazz trumpeter Miles Davis and Beat avatar William Burroughs, cartoonist Steve Lafler delivers his indigo-tinged masterwork graphic novel, BugHouse.

BugHouse is available now from Amazon for $15.99 (or $2.99 Kindle)

The book is also available to the book trade from Ingram Content Group ISBN # 9781734108736

“This is a comic that transports you to a very singular and spectacularly-realized place and time and holds you fast to the point where you quite literally don’t want to leave. I felt absolutely privileged to pay a return visit to Lafler’s world, and envious of those who will be having the pleasure of experiencing it for the first time. Now more than ever, this stands out as one more the most purely enjoyable comics that I’ve ever read in my life.”

Steve Lafler

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