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1956: Sweet Sweet Little Ramona, a New Graphic Novel

October 8, 2020

Notorious alt/indy comix legend Steve Lafler (BugHouse, Dog Boy, Buzzard) returns with a new graphic novela, 1956 Book One: Sweet Sweet Little Ramona. on the Cat-Head Comics imprint.

The book is avaiable at Amazon in print or ebook format.

This is the story of Jack, Susie, and of course Ramona. We travel to Manhattan of 1956 to meet our players, who haunt the wholesale Garment District by day, and the legendary jazz clubs of 52nd Street by night.

The above panel features John Coltrane, who makes a cameo appearance on the bandstand in the 1956 book.

Here’s the cover art from 1956: Sweet Sweet Little Ramona…

Here are a few pages from the book:

Along with 1956, I have many great backlist graphic novels for sale. Score my 2019 title Lucha Bruja at Amazon, and at my Lulu Artist Page You can order BugHouse, Dog Boy and Cat Suit, along with other titles.

Here are a few fellow artists who have weighed in on my work:

“I’m going to recommend a graphic novel that is great because it is good, solid and delivers in spades what I most enjoy in a comic book; a comfortable mastery of the form, fun, surprises, a story I can get into and a light touch. In short its the kind of book you can flop down on the couch with of an afternoon, lie back and enjoy.”
-Jim Woodring, Frank  (Commenting on BugHouse at Boing Boing)

“I love BugHouse. I’m fond of the little bug-creatures that inhabit it. With his masterful storytelling, Steve Lafler has created an alternate universe. His characters are not particularly cute (well, some of them are), but one can easily emphasize with their meaty human struggles with addiction, love, power, greed, and lust. Check it out!”  -Phoebe Gloeckner, A Child’s Life

“Stop! Stop! My sides are aching! You’re driving me to Buggyland with this stuff!” -Lux Interior, The Cramps

Thanks for your support — it is hugely appreciated!

Steve Lafler

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