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Buy New Steve Lafler Comic Book Online


My latest comic book Death in Oaxaca #2 came out in July, 2015 from Alternative Comics at $4.99. Now you can order it online from the publisher or Amazon.

I’m serializing the eventual graphic novel in the classic comic book format. It’s a nutty adventure set in Oaxaca, Mexico with a close look at local culture and food. Yum! Get yer tlayudas, memelas and tejate over here!

Steve Lafler launches Death in Oaxaca #2 with San Francisco Event


Cartoonist Steve Lafler pokes his head into San Francisco’s Mercury Cafe on July 23, launching his new comic book Death in Oaxaca #2. Lafler, who lives in Oaxaca, Mexico, concocts a story with favorite themes: Voluptuous masked luchadoras, and a celebration of the small moments of Oaxacan life.

Our protagonist Rex discovers Tejate, the refreshing bevereage of ancient Zapotec kings, made from cacao and maize. Sure, it looks like dirty dishwater at first glance, but trust us, it’s sublime. There’s also a 2,000 year old indigenous Vampire who prefers chicken, kicking the story into left field, where cartoonist Lafler generally points when he’s at bat.

Best known for his long-running Bughouse and Dog Boy comics series, Lafler is currently releasing Death in Oaxaca on the Alternative Comics imprint as individual comic books, building towards an eventual graphic novel.

Steve also brings his country-punk outfit The Dick Nixon Experience to the event, with Bay Area scene veterans Scott Hoover on Bass, Sputnik Juelich on drums, and Dave Cherry on tenor sax, along with soloists Doyle Stewart (guitar, mandolin) and Jay Eck (ukelele) of The Grups. “We gonna kick out the jams”, Lafler offers, along with his original compositions Ripe Pineapple Drunk, Beans and Jack Black Song. Rounding out the evenings entertainment is The Minor Batman Villains, an East Bay band fronted by Richard Von Busack.


This event takes place at The Mercury Cafe, 201 Octavia St., July 23 at 7pm.

Email Steve

Buy a copy of Death in Oaxaca #1

Here is the Spanish Language ebook Los Muertos de Oaxaca – Death in Oaxaca #1 in Spanish




Steve Lafler: Poster Boy for Three Decades of Indy/Alt Comics

Welcome to my world! I want to make sure that everyone can access my 30 years of highly unusual art comics, with just a click or two, including my coffee table sized BugHouse and Dog Boy collections.

That’s right, I’ve been here the entire history of the Alternative Comics movement, shaking things up and knockin’ out comix. My current series, Death in Oaxaca, can be got from Alternative Comics.


Then there’s my legacy collections, available from CO2. We’re talking 900 pages of singular, visionary nut-job comics by me! You can buy the 400-page BugHouse collection or the 500-page Complete Dog Boy, and your coffee table will be proud of you.


With both volumes, I guarantee the ride of your life. Fasten your seat belts, pull up your favorite beverage, and hold on tight! No kiddin’.


Promotional image for Summer 2012 Bughouse Book tour.

Promotional image for Summer 2012 Bughouse Book tour.

Questions or comments, drop me an email.

Happy Donuts,

Steve Lafler

Death in Oaxaca #1 review in The Comics Journal online.

The thinking person’s alt comics critic Rob Clough reviewed Death in Oaxaca #1 at the Comics Journal online.

MEANWHILE, I finally finished the Spanish translation of this first issue, with help from Paco X González Muñoz. Actually, it was more than help, Paco did the actual translation, I just did the graphic part. Thanks Paco!

I had to graphically marry the words to the pictures on the existing pages. Let’s just say there was, and still is, a learning curve to the whole process. But, it’s also really great to have my new work in Spanish!

EBOOK en espanol to come soon from Alternative.



I Will Eat My Pants if it Means I Can Make Comics!

For Real! Details Here.


Steve Lafler’s 2014 Holiday Art Sale

Come on in, check out these favorite Lafler art pieces at ridiculous deals for the Holidays! Paintings and original comics pages & covers.

You’ll know which one you just have to buy, it’ll call your name. Ordering details/instructions below.


slafler_signatureCave_VochoCave Vocho. Acrylic 10″ x 12″, 2008 $95.00

Wild Little PigWild Little Pig. Acrylic 8″ x 10″, 2002. $75.00


Drinkin' DennisDrinkin’ Dennnis. SOLD! Acrylic 10″ x 12″, 2002. $85.00

Ms. Reed RichardsMs. Reed Richards. Acrylic 14″ x 11″, 2003. $145.00

Jorge&FelixJorge & Felix (from Baja). Acrylic 10″ x 8″, 2002. $65.00

Cat SuitCat Suit. Acrylic/collage, 11″ x 14″, 2007. $145.00


Minibikes. India ink on paper, 10″ x 7″, 2012. $65.00


bukgcov3Bughouse #3, inside front cover. India ink on bristol board, 11″ x 14″, 1995. $165.00

Below are 3 original Dog Boy pages from Dog Boy #7 (Fantagraphics, July 1987). India ink on bristol board, 11″ x 17″. I’m putting these amazing pieces up at only $100 each! A steal, they are. Wuxtry Special Offer: these 3 Dog Boy pieces for $250!

DB7_Fanta_6 DB7_fanta_3 DB7_Fanta_1HERE ARE some DEATH IN OAXACA pieces:

OAXCOVER_lineartDeath in Oaxaca, page one. India ink on bristol board. 10.75″ x 16.5″, 2013. $250.00

Oaxaca_comicwebDeath in Oaxaca #1, cover. India ink on bristol board, 11″ x 17″, 2012. $250.00

Death_Oaxaca_2_coverDeath in Oaxaca #2, cover. India ink on bristol board, 10.75″ x 16.5″, 2014. $250.00

Purchase two pieces and get a 15% discount.

Email me to place an order.

I’ll send an order confirmation and paypal invoice.

Have a fine holiday season!


All pieces come with a signed copy of Death in Oaxaca #1, my new comic mag from Alternative Comics. Items ship in the December 26 – 28 window. I’m in the U.S. at that time. Prices include postage, shipped insured. Original comic pages ship in a sturdy tube. Paintings are wrapped with care as if they were the baby Jesus himself!

Steve Lafler’s Monster Guitar Trading Cards


I’ve done an interview with Copy This!, a zine devoted to mini-comics, to appear in December 2014. To add spice to the issue, we are including two Monster Guitar trading cards.



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