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Steve Lafler’s Comix: Bughouse, Dog Boy, 40 Hour Man & More

July 15, 2013

I’m happy to report that most of the comix I’ve published in my three decade plus career is handily available!

You are just a click away from enjoying my wildly singular, celebratory long graphic narratives. I invite you to my lush, freakin’ fantastic world. Thanks for droppin’ by!




Doggie Style: The Complete Dog Boy

The Complete Dog Boy is my brand new title from CO2. You can order this 488 page compendium of my seminal ’80s indie title in paperback for $29.99 here.

The hardcover Doggie Style is available here at $49.99.


My be-bop jazz opus Bughouse was originally published by Top Shelf as a series of three graphic novels. CO2 has collected this thrilling insect noir opus into one 400 page plus volume. The paperback Menage a Bughouse is available here.

The collected Menage a Bughouse hardcover is available here.

My other graphic novels such as 40 Hour Man (with writer Stephen Beaupre) and El Vocho are available here.


I’m now hard at work on a new graphic novel about expats living in Oaxaca, Mexico. I’ve lived there for six years so I guess I’m ready to lampoon my own life.

Please consider buying these wonderful books so I can keep slinging ink!

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