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Steve Lafler Comics & T-Shirt Catalog 2013

November 11, 2013

This is an up-to-date compilation of my comics and T-Shirts available online. The books come from Lulu and the T-Shirts come from Redbubble, both produce quality items and ship real quick. Simply click on the link or image to shop. Thanks for visiting!


All New Steve Lafler T-Shirt Store! I’ve moved my online T-Shirt store over to


Get this classic Dog Boy cover on a T-Shirt!

The complete Dog Boy arrived this year!


The Complete Dog Boy! 500 pages of my classic alternative comic title under one cover. Available from Lulu for $29.99

The Bughouse collection appeared in 2012…


The Complete Bughouse! Featuring 400 pages of the acclaimed series of graphic novels under one cover! Available from Lulu for $24.99

Doggie Style: The Complete Dog Boy and Menage a Bughouse are both published by CO2 Comics. Visit CO2 for an incredible array of webcomics and graphic novels.

Don’t forget my 2010 Graphic novel El Vocho, available from Lulu.


And finally, there is 40 Hour Man, Stephen Beaurpe’s classic about shitty jobs, illustrated by me.


Images copyright 2013 Steve Lafler, all rights reserved.

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