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The Painting Book is GO

July 14, 2016

My Kickstarter campaign to fund a modest book of my paintings from Oaxaca is a success! A huge thanks to all my backers!GENI_YAGUL

This piece I painted from a photo of my daughter Geni walking the ruins at Yagul, Oaxaca.

I’ll put up more info soon about my book of paintings. I’ll have it ready to go by the end of July. Gotta get some sleep now!



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  1. Fred Holderbein permalink

    Hey Steve, nice water color of your daughter.
    I did half a waster color class just enough to get a basic concept, used too much paint trying to paint some trees outside my window,didn’t like it, now I got a different wondow. Need to try again.
    Haven’t done much w/my. Cartoons lately but ideas come all the time. Can’t help it that’s how I see the world, thru “cartoon colored glasses!”
    Sometime I show you my Bin Laden Cartoo and some others. Maybe get a critique.
    It’s still in my blood. Still gotta have a Looney Tools fix to get by. Now I’m coverting my grandkids! Take care, Steve. Stay in touch.

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