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(Sex &) Death in Oaxaca

October 24, 2016


Alternative Comics of Cupertino, CA ships (Sex &) Death in Oaxaca #3 in February, 2017, a 32-page comic book with color covers. The story synopsis:

Poor Eduardo. Our ancient Mexican vampire pal hasn’t had human blood for 100 years, and he’s feeling anemic. Luckily, Dora the feisty tamale lady and curvy Caroline are both coming to call on Eduardo. As for Rex, he’s lucky too—Gertie lures him into afternoon margaritas and a bootie call on the beach. Now if only Rex can keep his nemesis Skull Guy at arm’s length…

As usual when I put our a new comic book, I tend to think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, but you can make up your mind about that when you pick up a copy at your local comic shop (or from Alternative Comics) in February!


PS – Be sure to check out my BugHouse ebooks at Alternative too!

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