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Manifesto of Love Against Hate & Racism

January 19, 2017


Today, billionaire oligarch families upend democracy in the United States via corporations and politicians under their thumb. One example of their anti-democratic action is the implementation of a strategy to disenfranchise African Americans and Latino voters, resulting in a Republican House and Senate in 2016.

Counter the moves of these ruthless anti-democratic billionaires via grass routes organizing and action. This is what President Obama called for in his farewell address.

Consider the success of the Standing Rock Sioux and the thousands of veterans who came to their aid on December 4, 2016. They stopped the plans of Energy Transfer Partners to drive an oil pipeline through their territory, and the thuggish efforts of the North Dakota police and government to defeat the protesters.

Along with organizing, push the art pedal to the metal! Create songs, bands, comic books, plays, podcasts, paintings, radio shows, books, videos, movies, digital art, performance art, dance productions, festivals and paintings to counter hate and racism.

Use any and all means at your disposal to counter and resist racism and hate. Attack the anti-democratic actions of the billionaire oligarchs and their corporate and political tools. Take a page from Trump’s playbook. The brazen stooge Donald Trump ignores convention to achieve his goals, we can too. The motto of the super rich throughout history is divide and conquer. Watch for it, often via agent provocateurs and covert manipulation.

Organize, plan, act. Never give up!

Love is the answer, not hate

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