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Baja – Lafler’s Classic BugHouse GN (2002) Available as Ebook

September 21, 2018

Baja is part two of my trilogy of BugHouse graphic novels published by Top Shelf at the beginning of the century. It continues the story of an all-insect bebop jazz band, with a twist. That being, Bones the bass player has been framed by crooked cops and drug dealers. He goes on the lam to Mexico, only to find himself drafted into a local R&B band!

I’m very excited about this one. Baja was created after my first long trip to Mexico in the late 90s and it references both Oaxaca and that amazing cultural nugget of gold, the amazing baroque grandeur of the city of Guanajuato. In truth, the narrative contrives an excuse for Bones to get away to Mexico, as I was motivated to set a story there. Some fans of BugHouse opine that this is the best bit of the entire saga… you can score this eBook at the links below. Enjoy!


Here’s the Comixology link:

Or you can click right here to get it for Kindle

Or click here to get the book at Google Play

The price is $1.99

Thanks to Marc Arsenault at Alternative for getting the eBook out!

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