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Steve Lafler’s Lucha Bruja: Destination Oaxaca

March 8, 2019

Tacos & tejate (maize/cacao drink) at the Oaxaca organic market

Steve Lafler here, enthused to present my new graphic novel Lucha Bruja, available at Amazon for $14.99. I’m building buzz for the book before throwing it onto the book and comics market later this year.

May I ask you to support the buzz (and my cartooning habit) by purchasing a copy at Amazon? Alternatively, you can email me to buy Lucha Bruja via paypal.

The story: Expats Gertie and Rex (and son Myles) perk up their lives in vivacious Oaxaca, the highland cultural jewel of southern Mexico. They ecounter Eduardo, a crafty 2000-year old Zapotec indigenous vampire, El Rey Pelón (the skinny pot-bellied fungus man who drives a taxi), and of course Death, who plays a mean harmonica.

If you’re in Northern California, I’ll be appearing at the Bicycle Day event at the Midway in San Francisco on April 19th, commemorating Albert Hoffman’s famous bike ride. I’ll be signing books in the arty market/vendors area. I’ll have some cool merch/art on hand too. Would love to see you there! Here’s the flyer with the deets:

I’ve been publishing indy comix and graphic novels since 1981, but I am super excited to publish again on my Cat-Head Comics imprint! I’ll actually have my classic BugHouse graphic novel back in print soon… stay tuned!

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