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Original Cover Art Sale – Two Sold, 5 Pieces Still on Offer

August 13, 2019

Greetings. I’m offering seven pieces of original comic book cover art for sale! Here’s an unusual opportunity for collectors to own one of these brush & ink on bristol board beauties from my archives.
I just returned from a visit to my old digs in Oaxaca, Mexico where most of my comic art is stored, and brought a few gems back with me. Here they are:


1. Doog Boog. Cover, Dog Boy #7, Fantagraphics Books, August 1987.
11″ x 17″ brush & ink on 2-ply Strathmore bristol. $295/ SOLD!


2. Dog Girl. Cover, Dog Boy #8, Fantagraphics Books, October 1987.
12″ x 19″ brush & ink on Strathmore 2-ply bristol. $295


3. BugHouse Graphic Novel, cover. Top Shelf Productions, June 2000.
17″ x 20″, brush & ink on Strathmore 2-ply bristol. $500


4. Prometheus Gift, cover. Cat-Head Comics, August 1991.
11″ x 17″, brush & india ink on Strathmore 2-ply bristol. $395


5. Dancin Cats / Lux & Jerry. An edited version became the cover of Buzzard #3, Cat-Head Comics, February 1991.
12″ x 19″ ish, brush & ink on Strathmore bristol. $500


6. Cover, Centrifugal Bumble Puppy, Fantagraphics Books (Joe Sacco, editor), Spring 1987.
11″ x 14″ brush & ink on Strathmore 2-ply bristol / collage. $295


7. Dog of the Year. Cover, Dog Boy #4, Cat-Head Comics, April 1984.
12″ x 19″ brush & ink on Strathmore 2-ply bristol. $395 SOLD!

All items are shipped fully insured via priority mail in double-thick cardboard art tube. For UPS or Fedex ground add $15, for next day, add $30. Payable via check, paypal or google pay.
Questions? Call me at (707) 849-7836 or email

I’m delighted to offer these pieces of my comic art. They are potent works that can really brighten up a room!

I’m hoping to underwrite frequent travel to see my Dad this year, he just passed away August 20th after a long illness.

Pick your favorite(s) and contact me, we’ll iron out the details.
Thanks for your support and patronage!

All the best,

Steve Lafler

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