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Steve Lafler Graphic Novel Catalog

November 7, 2019

Welcome to the Steve Lafler / Cat-Head Comics Catalog! Here’s a great selection of my strange and wonderful graphic novels, available at my Lulu store (high-quality print-on-demand!) After the book listings, you’ll find some unique original art pieces on offer. Cheers!

I’ve reissued the Complete Dog Boy ($29.95, 488 pages) and the Complete BugHouse ($25.95, 406 pages) on my Cat-Head Comics label. Click through the links to place your order.

My pioneering Alt/UG title Dog Boy streaked across the 80s landscape leaving a trail of strong coffee and blotter acid in its wake. This freewheeling indie classic features almost 500 pages of improvised ink-slinging, executed with bravado!

Join Jimmy Watts and his band of musical bugs with BugHouse as they take jazz from the swing era into the uncharted maelstrom of Bebop. Cartoonist Steve Lafler brings it with his stylish brushwork; his depiction of the mid-twentieth century jazz world is seductive eye-candy.


Lucha Bruja ($12.50, 144 pages)

You are invited to join expats Rex and Gertie on a wild ride to the remote highland jewel of Oaxaca, Mexico. There they find Eduardo, a crafty 2000-year old Zapotec vampire who prefers chicken blood, and El Rey Pelón (the skinny, pot-bellied fungus who drives a taxi). I lived in Oaxaca from 2007 to 2016, Lucha Bruja is my takeaway fictional report on the whole experience!


Cat Suit ($5.95, 48 pages)

What kind of whack job would put on a mask and a skin-tight suit and head out into the city after midnight? I mean, what is this guy really up to? What pathology, what proclivity are we dealing with here? Is he fighting crime? Hell no, he’s just going clubbing—and he’s frankly perplexed when the barflies & drunks want to pick a fight with him.


El Vocho ($12.00, 104 pages)

Rosa the Latina hottie inventor and Eddie the geek artist meet in a fender bender. Tempers flare but sparks fly and they fall in love. Working together, they create the perfect clean energy motor while being tracked by goons working for big oil.



YES INDEED! I’m setting up a spacious new studio and I’m A-PAINTIN’ that furniture.

Above is the Ralph tabletop closeup. Below you can see the whole table, with the underpainting stage complete. This piece is on offer for $195, shipped insured. Send me an email if you see this in your space-age pad, and we’ll work out payment/shipping deets.


11″x14″ acrylic on canvas, $295. Shipped insured via fedex. Please email me if interested and we’ll set it up.

Thanks again for checking out my graphic novels and Fine Aht!

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