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Critters, Plants & Bugs: Kids Love Nature Science

January 24, 2020

Drawing is an excellent way to spark children’s interest in natural science. I’m creating seminars in nature drawing for children, combining the joy of drawing with their deeply rooted love of nature.

For starters, we’ll create animal and insect drawings using basic shapes like circles, ovals and triangles. Everyone can get a feeling of accomplishment from executing a decent likeness of a mantis, ladybug, bee or beetle from basic shapes!

From there, the workshop moves on to an exploration of the building blocks of accurate drawing from nature, gesture, contour line, and shading.

The idea is, everyone can learn to draw favorite plants and animals in a 60 – 90 minute workshop, and learn techniques and the work ethic that helps improve drawing skills over time.

I’m starting a process of scheduling seminars at libraries, museums and schools. I’ll be updating this post and website with info as it becomes available. Se habla español.

Once I get rolling with the Nature Science drawing seminars for kids, I’ll look to add a Graphic Novel Workshop for ages 12 & up.

Please email me with questions, comments and queries about teaching.

Steve Lafler

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