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Steve Lafler: Poster Boy for Three Decades of Indy/Alt Comics

May 31, 2015

Welcome to my world! I want to make sure that everyone can access my 30 years of highly unusual art comics, with just a click or two, including my coffee table sized BugHouse and Dog Boy collections.

That’s right, I’ve been here the entire history of the Alternative Comics movement, shaking things up and knockin’ out comix. My current series, Death in Oaxaca, can be got from Alternative Comics.


Then there’s my legacy collections, available from CO2. We’re talking 900 pages of singular, visionary nut-job comics by me! You can buy the 400-page BugHouse collection or the 500-page Complete Dog Boy, and your coffee table will be proud of you.


With both volumes, I guarantee the ride of your life. Fasten your seat belts, pull up your favorite beverage, and hold on tight! No kiddin’.


Promotional image for Summer 2012 Bughouse Book tour.

Promotional image for Summer 2012 Bughouse Book tour.

Questions or comments, drop me an email.

Happy Donuts,

Steve Lafler

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