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Steve Lafler launches Death in Oaxaca #2 with San Francisco Event

June 28, 2015


Cartoonist Steve Lafler pokes his head into San Francisco’s Mercury Cafe on July 23, launching his new comic book Death in Oaxaca #2. Lafler, who lives in Oaxaca, Mexico, concocts a story with favorite themes: Voluptuous masked luchadoras, and a celebration of the small moments of Oaxacan life.

Our protagonist Rex discovers Tejate, the refreshing bevereage of ancient Zapotec kings, made from cacao and maize. Sure, it looks like dirty dishwater at first glance, but trust us, it’s sublime. There’s also a 2,000 year old indigenous Vampire who prefers chicken, kicking the story into left field, where cartoonist Lafler generally points when he’s at bat.

Best known for his long-running Bughouse and Dog Boy comics series, Lafler is currently releasing Death in Oaxaca on the Alternative Comics imprint as individual comic books, building towards an eventual graphic novel.

Steve also brings his country-punk outfit The Dick Nixon Experience to the event, with Bay Area scene veterans Scott Hoover on Bass, Sputnik Juelich on drums, and Dave Cherry on tenor sax, along with soloists Doyle Stewart (guitar, mandolin) and Jay Eck (ukelele) of The Grups. “We gonna kick out the jams”, Lafler offers, along with his original compositions Ripe Pineapple Drunk, Beans and Jack Black Song. Rounding out the evenings entertainment is The Minor Batman Villains, an East Bay band fronted by Richard Von Busack.


This event takes place at The Mercury Cafe, 201 Octavia St., July 23 at 7pm.

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Buy a copy of Death in Oaxaca #1

Here is the Spanish Language ebook Los Muertos de Oaxaca – Death in Oaxaca #1 in Spanish




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