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Cartoon Stocking Stuffers 2015

December 2, 2015

This holiday season, I’m gonna suggest just a few of my fave items that are sure to please everyone on your gift list!

First and foremost, there’s my latest books, Death in Oaxaca #1 and Death in Oaxaca #2. These are fantastic, lively comic books building towards my upcoming graphic novel, giving you a taste of the good (and weird) life in my adopted city. They are packed with great characters, and tips on the best things to eat in Oaxaca. Just click through the links to buy. You can’t go wrong at $5 a pop!


Next up is the Benb T-Shirt. How to explain Benb? He always smiles and never talks, as his mouth is sewn shut. He has holes in his head where eyes should be. He’s a bumbling idiot, but is remarkably light on his feet and good natured to a fault. He’s been around since 1976, first appearing in my college strip Aluminum Foil when I was 19 years old. Everybody needs a Benb TShirt! You can pick men’s or women’s Ts in your fave color.

BenbTClick Here to order the Benb TShirt from Redbubble. Once there, you can search on “steve lafler” to see a whole buncha cool TShirt designs from me.

These here are some cool stocking stuffers that bring a blast of fresh air into the holiday season and are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face. Thanks for stopping by!

Steve Lafler

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  1. RealEagleScout permalink

    Wow …was there that year, remember Benb and Aluminum Foil “shooting the shit”.
    Found you with Google:)

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