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Get On Board with Monthly BugHouse eBook Series

January 25, 2016

The BugHouse #3 eBook is now available here at .99

Jimmy Watts and his BugHouse band are the toast of the town, as the red-hot Bebop jazz band takes the stage of the storied Club Savoy. But lookout, sleazy purveyors of the highly addictive substance “bug-juice” flock around Jimmy. In no time, Jimmy takes a slug in a back-alley drug deal gone sour!


BugHouse is being serialized as an eBook by Marc Arsenault of Alternative Comics on a monthly basis. It’s really fun to have Marc putting these up on a monthly basis. It gives a new generation of readers a chance to dig my insect-noir fictional history of be-bop jazz!

Get the first BugHouse eBook for free at this link!

The series began in the pages of Buzzard comics anthology from Cat-Head Comics in 1993, published by myself and Stephen Beaupre. Cat-Head subsequently published 6 issues of the BugHouse comic book, before issuing a BugHouse graphic collection in 1996, and another entitled Jonk! in 1998.

Top Shelf went on to publish 3 BugHouse graphic novels (BugHouse, Baja and Scalawag) in the 2000’s. This is the first time BugHouse is available as an eBook. You can also check it out via online browser at C02 Comics.


My entire body of BugHouse work runs about 400 pages.

Get BugHouse eBook #2 for .99 at this link.

Find out why critic Rob Clough put BugHouse in his top 100 graphic novels of the first decade of the century!

I hope you enjoy reading BugHouse as much as I enjoyed creating it!


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