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Here’s the BugHouse #4 ebook from Alternative Comics

March 1, 2016

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The BugHouse #4 ebook comes out this week (March 1, 2016) from Alternative Comics. We’re buzzing out 9 issues, the complete BugHouse saga as it were, on a monthly basis. Thanks much to Marc Arsenault at Alternative for bringing my BugHouse material to a new audience!

BugHouse, a fictional “insect-noir”, indigo-toned history of Be Bop jazz, started in ’93 in my Buzzard comix anthology. I went on to do 6 issues on my Cat-Head Comics imprint, along with 2 graphic novels. Then, from 2000 to 2005, Top Shelf published all my Bug comix over three graphic novels, BugHouse, Baja and Scalawag. In 2012, CO2 put out a 400-page print collection, Menage a BugHouse, still available as a Print-On-Demand title via Amazon. So you can see, this body of work has more lives than a cat!

I always figure BugHouse will make a splendid movie, a visually lush feature with a sublime soundtrack. Guess I’m too busy drawing and raisin’ kids to get on that just now… but I’ll do it yet!

Order the BugHouse #4 Ebook at this link.

Steve Lafler

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