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Going Like Sixty

February 27, 2017

What a beautiful life!

As I turn 60, that’s my thought regarding my tenure as “Steve Lafler” on this planet.


This may sound goofy as hell, given the political/cultural moment we are in. But I am in the moment, as always, regarding the totality of existence. I have a beautiful wife and beloved two children and brilliant friends. I draw, write, run and play music.

And, given the moment, I resist hatred and racism. And heavy handed neo-fascist politicos!

I’m thankful, indeed grateful, just a happy six-foot bug running the green hills of the planet, I savor the joyful moments and soldier through the tough ones.

The art above is my revamping of the classic board game LIFE, just posted at my Patreon feed of weekly comics. In pursuit of garnering el dinero for the aforementioned unit known as “Steve Lafler”, I’m now putting up a steady stream of new comics work at the Patreon site. In the interest of continuing to eat, I’m asking for your help with this initiative.

Please consider joining me at Patreon as a subscriber. You can opt in for as low as $1 per month for regular posts of my new work. As I plow into geezerhood, I’m hoping to build this into a central outlet for my comix, including work from my graphic novel in progress, Death in Oaxaca, as well as my political screeds. Cheers!

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