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Voted #1 Cartoonist by Indigenous Mexican Vampires

March 28, 2017

This past weekend I started drawing the pages for the final installment of my Death in Oaxaca graphic novel. I’ll be posting the Oaxaca pencil art as I draw it at my Patreon site.You can see the rest of the graphic novel unfold week by week as I stick the pages up at Patreon/Steve Lafler, with the caveat that you gotta sign up for (at least) a $1.00 per month dig on your credit card. Well worth it, as I’m also posting political cartoons and new music, quick a bang for your buck.

I’ve published 3 issues of Death in Oaxaca with Alternative Comics. So once I get this next batch of pages done, I’ll put out the entire work as a graphic novel.

I’m trying to figure out how to promote the graphic novel once it appears. I’m frankly fed up with traditional disribution avenues. I’ve moved my share of books over time, around 75,000 units, but never really saw more than a trickle of funds from it, with the odd (modest) windfall here and there. Thus it’s time to roll into a new model. When you got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Right now, I favor the idea of driving a mini-van full of books all the fuck over the place. I’ll bring my guitar, and said books and van to your town, I’ll busk with a pile of books at my side. Set-up a rechargable pig nose amp and let ‘er rip! Yup, I’ll throw my heart and guts right out on the sidewalk and see if anyone bites! I could spend a year doing that just to see how it goes. I think I’d have one hell of a lot of fun.

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