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Death Plays a Mean Harmonica – the art object graphic novel

October 12, 2017

Hi! I’m delighted to announce my new graphic novel Death Plays a Mean Harmonica. The story is set in Oaxaca, Mexico and features my own brand of magic realism. HERE’s info on the book along with the chance to pre-order it.


This first limited edition of the book features a screen-print cover (signed & numbered). This project is a culmination of my moxie as a cartoonist. I combine my slippery optimism with a deep suspicion that time does not exist. A view of life, death and everything in between is encoded in brush strokes executed in magic black ink.

You can order a copy here via my Kickstarter for the book.

I’m pricing this art-object graphic novel at $28 for you… the few copies that make it to retailers will be at $39.95. DEAL!

The story:
“Gertie and Rex get a wild hair and move to the remote highland jewel of Oaxaca, Mexico in pursuit of adventure. There they find Eduardo, a crafty 2000-year old Zapotec vampire, El Rey Pelón (the skinny, pot-bellied fungus who drives a taxi), and of course Death, who plays a mean harmonica.”

I ask for your support with this project. It’s an unusual and wonderful item that you will treasure!

Thank you very much for considering this. You won’t be sorry!

Steve Lafler

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