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Retailer & Library Pitch for “Death Plays a Mean Harmonica”

October 19, 2017

I’d love to get comics retailers and libraries involved with my new graphic novel! Now is the moment for you retailers and librarians to pick up this limited edition book.

Here’s the pitch:

Auteur graphic novelist Steve Lafler returns with Death Plays a Mean Harmonica for January 2018 release. The 136-page book features a limited edition screen-print cover, signed and numbered by the artist. (cover art below)

“Gertie and Rex get a wild hair and move to the remote highland jewel of Oaxaca, Mexico in pursuit of adventure. There they find Eduardo, a crafty 2000-year old Zapotec vampire, El Rey Pelón (the skinny, pot-bellied fungus who drives a taxi), and of course Death, who plays a mean harmonica.”

Lafler combines slippery optimism with a deep suspicion that time does not exist. A view of life, death and everything in between is encoded in brush strokes executed in magic black ink.

This first limited edition art-object book is available to retailers via the Kickstarter campaign only, with two retailer tiers, where they can acquire the book at a standard 40% discount.

Lafler’s works include the BugHouse GN trilogy on Top Shelf, and his Dog Boy comic book series with Fantagraphics. He co-published the cutting edge UG anthology Buzzard in the 90s.

ISBN #978-0-9769690-7-5 $39.95 retail

Contact Steve Lafler for further information and interviews. Phone (707) 849-7836

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